Encrypt a computer with BitLocker

Depending on the logon mode the security officer specified for your endpoint, the behavior of SafeGuard Enterprise BitLocker support differs slightly.

In any case you will be presented with a dialog that offers you the option to proceed with encryption or to postpone it.

If you confirm that you want to save, restart and/or encrypt, encryption still does not start right away. A hardware test is performed to make sure that your endpoint meets the requirements for SafeGuard Enterprise BitLocker encryption. The system performs a reboot and checks whether all hardware requirements are met. If, for example, the TPM or the USB flash drive is not available or accessible, you will be asked to store the external key on a different device. The system also checks whether you are able to provide the credentials correctly. If you cannot provide your credentials, the computer boots anyway, but encryption will not start. You will be asked again for your PIN or password. After a successful hardware test, BitLocker encryption starts.

If you select Postpone, encryption will not be started and you will not be asked again to encrypt this volume until:

  • a new policy arrives,
  • the BitLocker encryption status of any volume changes, or
  • you log on to the system again.