Reset a forgotten BitLocker PIN/password with Challenge/Response

Challenge/Response procedure

If you need to get a BitLocker recovery key, proceed as follows:

  1. Reboot the PC. After rebooting, a yellow message appears. Press any key within the next three seconds.
  2. The Sophos Challenge/Response screen appears.
  3. In Step 2 information required to call the helpdesk is provided to you.
  4. Provide the following information to the helpdesk:
    • Computer, for example Sophos\<Computer name>

    • Challenge code, for example ABC12-3DEF4-56GHO-892UT-Z654K-LM321. Move your mouse over the characters to display a spelling aid or press F1 several times to display this help box. The code expires after 30 minutes leading to an automatic shutdown of the PC.

  5. Enter the response code from the helpdesk (six blocks with two text fields each and five characters required per field).
    • As soon as a text field is completely populated, the focus is automatically switched to the next text field.
    • If you accidentally enter a wrong character in a block, the corresponding block will be highlighted in red.
  6. After you have successfully entered the response code, click Continue or press Enter to complete the Challenge/Response action.

Reset BitLocker credentials

As soon as you are logged on to the system again, specify new BitLocker credentials. Depending on your operating system, a dialog for the credential reset is displayed. If this dialog does not appear automatically, right-click the Sophos SafeGuard icon in the taskbar, select Reset BitLocker credentials and follow the on-screen instructions.