Exchange data in the cloud without SafeGuard Enterprise

SafeGuard Portable allows you to exchange encrypted data in the cloud with recipients who do not have SafeGuard Enterprise.

SafeGuard Portable allows you to access encrypted data in your cloud storage from computers without SafeGuard Enterprise. Data encrypted with SafeGuard Cloud Storage can be encrypted and decrypted using SafeGuard Portable. This is achieved by automatically copying a program (SGPortable.exe) to your synchronization folder.

The passphrase of a local key only allows access to files that have been encrypted using this specific key. You or any recipient can decrypt encrypted data and encrypt it again. The passphrase of a local key has to be communicated to the recipient beforehand.

The recipient can use existing keys or create a new key with SafeGuard Portable (for example, for new files).

SafeGuard Portable does not have to be installed on or copied to your communication partner’s computer. It remains in the cloud storage.

For a detailed description of how to use SafeGuard Portable, see Edit files with SafeGuard Portable.

Double-clicking a file or selecting the open command doesn't cause in-place decryption of the file. This is because decrypted files in cloud storage synchronization folders are automatically synchronized to the cloud. When doing so, a dialog appears asking you to choose a safe location for the file. Decrypted files are not wiped automatically when SafeGuard Portable is closed. Changes in files decrypted using SafeGuard Portable for Cloud Storage are not done in the encrypted original.

Note Do not store cloud storage synchronization folders on removable media or the network. If you do, SafeGuard Portable creates unencrypted files in those folders.