SafeGuard File Encryption (location-based)

Location-based file encryption allows your security officer to define locations where files are encrypted, for example, Documents.

After a File Encryption policy of the type Location-based has been assigned to your computer, files in the locations covered by the policy are transparently encrypted without user interaction:

  • New files in a location that is specified for encryption are encrypted automatically.
  • If you have the key for an encrypted file, you can read and modify the content.
  • If you do not have the key for an encrypted file, you cannot read its content.
  • If you access an encrypted file from a computer where File Encryption is not installed, you cannot read its content.

To find out which locations on your computer are encrypted, see See where files are encrypted.

To find out about the encryption state of one or more files, right-click the file(s) and select SafeGuard File Encryption > Show encryption state.

In Windows Explorer, encrypted files are marked with a green lock symbol. If there is no lock symbol displayed even though the file is encrypted, see Sophos knowledgebase article 108784.