About SafeGuard Enterprise

Sophos SafeGuard runs on Windows endpoints to protect them. It consists of several modules.

You may not have all the features described in this Help. This depends on your license and the policies you received from your security officer.

Sophos SafeGuard is configured and managed centrally from the Sophos SafeGuard Management Center.

To access general information on your installation of Sophos SafeGuard, click the Sophos SafeGuard icon in the Sophos SafeGuard system tray.

The most important options for encrypting and decrypting files are available in a right-click menu in the Windows Explorer.

This document relates to Windows endpoints only. For Mac endpoints, see the SafeGuard Enterprise for Mac user help.


Full disk encryption

Sophos SafeGuard offers two options to protect entire volumes:

Synchronized Encryption

File encryption