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Setting Description
Scheduled scans Perform automatic periodic scans.
Scheduled scan interval The frequency of scheduled scans.
If you select Daily while charging, a scan is performed when the device is connected to a power supply for more than 30 minutes.
Manage allowed apps Tap to show the list of allowed apps. These apps are not shown in the scan results. You can remove apps from this list. Any apps you remove are shown in the Threats and PUAs list again.
Clear defaults Tap to stop using Intercept X as default app to open supported links.
Scan system apps Select this to include Android system apps in scanning.
System apps are not scanned, by default, as they are protected by Android and can’t be removed by the user.
Scan storage Select this to include the SD card and USB storage devices in scanning.
Detect PUAs Select this to turn on the detection of potentially unwanted apps (PUAs).
PUAs are apps that, while not malicious, are generally considered unsuitable for business networks. The major PUA classifications are adware, dialer, system monitor, remote administration tools and hacking tools. However, certain apps that fall into the PUA category might be considered useful by some users.
App reputation Select this to turn on the detection of low reputation apps.
Low reputation apps are apps that have a low reputation based on Sophos Live Protection data.
Scan notification Select this to turn on scan notifications for clean apps.
If this is deselected, you only get notifications for malware, PUAs, and low reputation apps.
Sophos Intercept X for Mobile scans apps during installation on the Android device or when apps are launched from the SD card or USB storage devices. You find the notifications in the Notification Panel.
Monitor storage Select this to scan all new apps and files that are downloaded or copied to the SD card or USB storage devices. For all newly attached storage devices a scan is initiated automatically.
Version The version of the antivirus engine and antivirus data.
Last update The date when antivirus data was retrieved from Sophos.
Tap to check for updates.
Update mode This setting defines the data connection Sophos Intercept X for Mobile uses to download updates of the virus detection data.
Send log by email Tap to send an email with the app’s log file attached.
The email address of Sophos Support is inserted by default.
Track data to help improve usability Allow Sophos to collect anonymous usage data to improve the app.
Uninstall Sophos Intercept X for Mobile Tap to uninstall the Intercept X app and the associated Security & Antivirus Guard app, if installed.