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Device security

Like all operating systems, Android lets you configure settings that make the device less secure. Sophos Intercept X for Mobile checks these security-related settings and gives recommendations for making your device more secure.


When Sophos Intercept X for Mobile is managed by Sophos Mobile, security-related system settings are configured by your organization.

The settings listed under Device security have different colors depending on their status:

  • Green (Secure): The setting ensures the maximum possible device security.
  • Red (Insecure): The setting might lead to security issues. Follow the recommendations to change it.
  • Yellow (Unknown): Android devices have different settings depending on the device model and the Android version. If Sophos Intercept X for Mobile can’t determine if the setting is insecure, it’s shown in yellow. Consider changing it.
  • Gray (Turned off): Checking is turned off. The setting is not taken into account when determining the device security status.

Tap a setting to change it or to learn more about how it impacts device security.