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Link Checker

You use Link Checker to check links in an email or document for malicious or inappropriate content.

Link Checker processes all links you tap in non-browser apps. You use Web Filtering to check links on a web page. See Web Filtering.

On the dashboard, Link Checker is available under Network security.

To set up Link Checker:

  1. On the Link Checker page, turn on Link Checker.
  2. Select your regular browser app for opening web links.
  3. The first time you tap a link after you’ve turned on Link Checker, Android asks you to select an app for opening the link. Select Sophos Link Checker.

When you tap a link, it’s passed on to Link Checker and checked for malicious or inappropriate content based on the classification provided by SophosLabs. Afterward, the link is opened in your browser.


Link Checker can’t check links in apps that open them internally instead of passing them on to the browser app. If the app lets you choose how to open web links, use the browser so that Link Checker can process the link.

For example in Gmail, the setting is called Open web links in Gmail. Turn that setting off to let Link Checker check links in your email messages.