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QR Code Scanner

You use QR Code Scanner to scan QR codes and then process the embedded information.

To start QR Code Scanner, touch and hold the Sophos icon and then tap QR Code Scanner.


If you’re having problems scanning a QR code, try to move the camera farther away. Some QR codes can only be scanned when they’re smaller than half the height of the scan area.

Web addresses

When you scan the QR code, the embedded URL is checked for malicious or inappropriate content based on the classification provided by SophosLabs.

When the URL is reported as safe, tap Open to open it in your web browser.


Sophos Intercept X for Mobile can read business card information in vCard 2.1 and 3.0 formats.

Scan the QR code and then:

  • Tap Add contact to create an entry in your contacts using the embedded business card information.
  • Tap Show in map to show the embedded location in your map app (Google Map by default).
  • Tap Dial number to make a phone call to the embedded number. If the QR code contains more than one phone number, they are used in this order:

    1. Mobile phone number
    2. Work phone number
    3. Home phone number
  • Tap Send email to create a new email to the embedded email address. If the QR code contains more than one email address, all of them are added to the To field.

Wi-Fi configurations

Scan the QR code and then tap Connect to network to connect to the Wi-Fi network that is configured in the QR code.

You are warned if you try to connect to an insecure network, i.e. a network that is not secured by WPA or WPA2.