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Web Filtering

You use Web Filtering to specify types of websites you want to be warned about before opening them. This protects you from browsing sites with malicious, undesirable or illegal content.

Configure Web Filtering

On the dashboard, Web Filtering is available under Network security.

  • On the Web Filtering page, turn on Web Filtering.
  • To enable malicious website filtering, tap Malicious content and select Warn or Block.
  • To enable filtering of websites that fall into a certain category, tap the category and select Warn or Block.
  • Allow list: You can suppress the warning for certain malicious or categorized pages permanently. This is useful if one of the pages you visit frequently falls into a category that triggers a warning or is blocked. Select Always allow access to this page in the Web Filtering warning dialog. To filter such pages again, tap Clear allowed pages list.


To test website filtering, Sophos has created the site containing example pages for each category. Although some of these pages are classified as potentially offensive or dangerous, the page content itself is harmless in all cases.

Supported web browsers

Web filtering protects you when you use one of the apps listed under Protected browsers.

Supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Android web browser
  • Microsoft Edge

Under Protected browsers (not tested) apps are listed which may work, but have not been tested.


If a supported web browser is installed on your device but is not listed under Protected browsers, check that Sophos Accessibility Service is turned on (in the system settings under Accessibility).