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Install configuration profile

To configure Web Filtering or network logging, your organization assigns a configuration profile to your device. Depending on how your organization manages your device, Intercept X for Mobile might prompt you to install this profile manually.

Install profile


You must install the configuration profile within 8 minutes after downloading it. Otherwise, the profile expires, and IT must reassign it to your device.

To download and install the configuration profile, do as follows:

  1. When you see the following notification, tap OK.

    The OK button in the notification window.

  2. In the next window, tap Allow.

    The iOS request to confirm downloading.

  3. After downloading the profile, tap Close.

    The iOS notification that the profile was downloaded.

  4. To install the profile, open the Settings app and tap Profile Downloaded.

    The Profile Downloaded button in Settings.

  5. Tap Install.

    The Install button.

  6. Follow the instructions to install the profile.


Error: Profile Installation Failed

When you see a Profile Installation Failed error during installation, your device doesn’t support Web Filtering profiles. Contact IT.

The Profile Installation Failed error.