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Create Password Safe entry

To add an entry or entry group to a Password Safe file:

  1. In Password Safe, tap Plus Plus..
  2. Select the type of entry you want to create:

    • Add account entry creates an entry with predefined fields suitable for web accounts and similar items.
    • Add credit card entry creates an entry with predefined fields suitable for credit cards and similar items.
    • Notes creates an entry for taking a secure note.
    • Add group creates a folder within Password Safe to organize your entries.
  3. Enter your data into the fields of the entry.

  4. Optional: Tap Plus Plus. and then tap Add field to add a custom field to the entry.

    If you turn on Protected for a custom field, you must tap the eye button next to the field to view the value. Also, protected fields are excluded from search results.

    With Plus Plus. you can also add a file or a picture to the entry.

  5. Tap Done to save the entry.

You can easily use the password data to sign in to a web page or app. See Use password data to sign in.


You might experience performance issues when you attach large files or a large number of files to an entry. We recommend you encrypt such files with the Sophos Secure Workspace app to store them securely.