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Print Password Safe recovery details sheet

If you forget the Password Safe master password or lose the key file, you can’t access the data stored in the Password Safe. To prevent this, print a recovery details sheet that contains the required information.


It’s important that you regularly back up your Password Safe file. If you lose the Password Safe file, for example because you’ve accidentally deleted it or lost your device, the recovery details sheet alone is not sufficient to retrieve your password data. See Back up Password Safe.

  1. In the Password Safe tile of the app’s dashboard, tap Info Info..
  2. Tap Print recovery details sheet.
  3. Select the printer and the number of copies, and then tap Print.
  4. In the printout, fill in the following information:

    • Your master password
    • The location of your Password Safe file
    • The location of your backup copy
  5. Store the recovery details sheet in a secure location. Everyone with access to the recovery details sheet and to your Password Safe file can read your password data.

If you’ve secured the Password Safe file with a key file, a fingerprint of that file is included in the recovery details sheet, in the form of a QR code. You can use that QR code as an alternative to the actual key file to open your Password Safe file.