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Last update: 2022-05-12

Recent Outbound Host-Port Connections

You can view recent outgoing traffic by querying Sophos Linux Sensor's connection events. The query will return recent outbound hosts and port combinations that have been seen in the last 24 hours.

Required Tables

  • connections

Returned Fields

Field Description
hostport The [host]:[port] that was accessed
occurrences How many times
dt The average access datetime


    CONCAT(dst_addr, ':', cast(dst_port AS varchar)) AS hostport,
    COUNT(1) as occurrences, 
    FROM_UNIXTIME(AVG(unix_nano_timestamp)/1e9) as dt
FROM connections b
    FROM connections a
    WHERE a.dst_addr = b.dst_addr
    AND a.dst_port = b.dst_port
    AND a.unix_nano_timestamp < TO_UNIXTIME(NOW()) * 1e9 - 60*60*24*1e9) = 0
GROUP BY  dst_addr, dst_port
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