Managed apps for iOS

For iOS apps that you add to Sophos Mobile, you can choose to have the app installed as managed or unmanaged on the users’ devices.

Managed apps have the following characteristics:

  • When users select a managed app in the Enterprise App Store, an installation task is created and processed in Sophos Mobile. In contrast, when users select an unmanaged app, they are redirected to the Apple App Store to install the app from there.
  • You can uninstall managed apps in Sophos Mobile Admin. This is not possible for unmanaged apps.
  • On supervised iOS devices, managed apps are installed and uninstalled silently, that is without user interaction.
  • Certain settings in iOS device profiles are only available for managed apps.
  • When an iOS device is unenrolled from Sophos Mobile, all managed apps are automatically removed from the device. Unmanaged apps will remain on the device.

The following rules determine if an app is installed managed or unmanaged:

  • Apps that you install from Sophos Mobile Admin are always managed.
  • Apps that the user installs from the App Store are always unmanaged.
  • Apps that the user installs from the Enterprise App Store are managed if you have activated the SMC managed installation setting in the app properties, as described in Add app.

To check the app status on a device, open the Show device page for that device and go to the Installed apps tab. See The Show device page.

Tip If a user has installed an unmanaged app you can convert it into a managed app. To do this, configure the app in Sophos Mobile as managed, and then create an installation task for it. Because the app is already installed, it is not installed again, but its status changes from unmanaged to managed.