Manage Apple VPP users

When you have set up an Apple VPP sToken as described in Set up a VPP sToken, the Show user page of each user includes an Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) section.

In this section, you can perform the following tasks to view or edit the Apple VPP status of the user:

  • View the Apple VPP user status. This can be:
    • Not registered: The user has not been invited to Apple VPP.
    • Registered: The user has been invited to Apple VPP, but has not connected their Apple iTunes account with Apple VPP.
    • Associated: The user has connected their Apple iTunes account with Apple VPP and can install VPP apps.
  • View the Apple VPP apps that the user has installed.
  • Invite the user to Apple VPP by clicking Invite user to VPP.

    In most cases, an email with an invitation link is sent to the user. If the user account does not contain an email address, an invitation link will be displayed in a message box.

  • Send another invitation email if the user did not receive or lost the initial email, by clicking Re-send invitation email.
  • Deregister the user from Apple VPP by clicking Delete VPP registration.