Manage Sophos container apps

Note This feature requires a license of type Mobile Advanced.
For better data separation on the managed devices, Sophos Mobile provides the Sophos container apps Sophos Secure Email and Sophos Secure Workspace:
  • Sophos Secure Email is an app for Android and iOS devices that provides a secure container for managing your email, calendar and contacts.
  • Sophos Secure Workspace is an app for Android and iOS devices that allows users to access encrypted files stored in the cloud. Files can be decrypted and viewed in a seamless way. Encrypted files can be handed over by other apps and uploaded to one of the supported cloud storage providers. Alternatively, the documents can be stored locally within the app.

    With Sophos Secure Workspace, you can read files encrypted by SafeGuard Cloud Storage or SafeGuard Data Exchange. Both are modules of SafeGuard Enterprise or one of its different editions. They allow you to encrypt files using a local key. These local keys are derived from a passphrase that is entered by a user. You can only decrypt a file when you know the passphrase that was used to encrypt the file.

The Sophos container provides:

  • Centrally defined password rules
  • Password rules for all container apps
  • Single-Sign-On for all container apps
  • Sophos Secure Workspace document settings
  • Sophos Secure Workspace browser settings
  • Sophos Secure Email settings

You can manage the Sophos apps with Sophos Mobile as follows:

Note In order to manage the Sophos container apps, they must be distributed using Sophos Mobile. If users already have an unmanaged version of Sophos Secure Workspace installed on their devices, they must uninstall it first and then install the managed version.

For further information on Sophos Secure Workspace, see the Sophos Secure Workspace help.