App settings (iOS)

General settings




A name for the app.


For app packages, the version that is displayed in the Enterprise App Store.

For app links, Sophos Mobile uses the version from the App Store.

App identifier

The internal identifier of the app.

Leave this field empty if you do not know the exact identifier. In most cases, Sophos Mobile can read the value from the app itself and then fills in this field automatically.

App category

A category name, for example Productivity.

When you make the app available in the Enterprise App Store, the app will be listed in a section with that name.

Available to device groups

You can make the app available in the Enterprise App Store so that it's installation can be initiated by the user. Click Show and select one or more device groups for which the app will be listed in the Enterprise App Store.

Sophos Mobile managed installation

The app is installed as a managed app. See Managed apps for iOS.

This setting only affects apps that are installed by the user from the Enterprise App Store. Apps that you install from Sophos Mobile Admin are always managed.


The app description displayed in the Enterprise App Store.

You may use the placeholder %_appstoretext_% anywhere in your description text. In the Enterprise App Store, this is replaced by the actual app description from the App Store.

Settings and VPN

Click Show to configure a VPN connection that is used when the app is started, or to configure settings for the app that will be deployed on the device during the app installation.

Settings for app links



Search in iTunes

Click Search in iTunes to search for the app in the iTunes database.

When you select an app in the search results list, the following fields are filled out automatically:
  • App identifier
  • App category
  • Link


The URL of the app in the App Store.

To determine the URL, click Obtain link to open iTunes Link Maker in a new browser tab. Navigate to the app in Link Maker, and then copy the URL displayed under Direct Link into the Link field in Sophos Mobile Admin.

Settings for app packages



Upload a file

Click Upload a file to upload the app to the Sophos Mobile server. Navigate to the IPA file and click Open.