App permissions configuration (Android enterprise work profile policy)

With the App permissions configuration you configure what happens when a work app requests a permission at runtime.



Default response for runtime permission requests

The default response for future runtime permission requests of work apps:
  • Prompt: Apps prompt the user to grant a permission.
  • Auto-accept: All runtime permission requests are automatically granted.
  • Auto-deny: All runtime permission requests are automatically denied.

The user cannot change the permissions later.

App-specific runtime permissions

You can grant or deny certain runtime permissions for individual apps. Click Add and then configure the settings for an app:

In the App identifier field, enter the internal identifier of the app.

For each runtime permission, select the desired grant state:

  • Selectable: The user can grant or deny the permission.
  • Granted: Permission is granted and can’t be denied by the user.
  • Denied: Permission is denied and can’t be granted by the user.