App Protection configuration (Android enterprise work profile policy)

With the App Protection configuration you define password requirements for protecting work apps, i.e. the apps that are installed in the work profile.

With App Protection in use, users must define a password when they start a protected app for the first time. After a failed login attempt a login delay is imposed.

If App Protection is active on a device, the command Reset App Protection password is available in the Actions menu of the Show device page. The user can also reset the App Protection password in the Self Service Portal.



Password complexity

The minimum complexity requirements for the password to be defined by users.

Grace period in minutes

After the grace period has expired, protected apps can only be unlocked by entering a password.

App group

Select the app group containing the apps that are password protected.

For creating app groups, see App groups.

Allow fingerprint authentication

Users can use their fingerprint to unlock a protected app.