Corporate Documents configuration (Android Sophos container policy)

With the Corporate Documents configuration you define settings for the Corporate Documents feature of the Sophos Secure Workspace app.

Configure storage providers

For each storage provider you can define the following settings separately:




The storage provider is available in the app.


Users are allowed to add files from the storage provider to the app's Favorites list for offline use.

Open in (encrypted)

Users can share encrypted files with other apps via Open In.

Open in (unencrypted)

Users can share unencrypted files with other apps via Open In.


Users can copy parts of a document and paste them into other apps.

Enterprise provider settings

For WebDAV provider, also referred to as enterprise provider, you can centrally define server settings and login credentials. These cannot be changed by users.

Credential settings that you do not define centrally can be chosen by the users in the app's provider credential screens.

For example you can centrally define the server and user account to be used but you can leave the password field undefined. Users then would have to know the password when accessing the storage provider.




The name of the provider that is displayed in the Sophos Secure Workspace app.


In this field, enter:
  • The URL of the root folder on the Corporate Documents WebDAV server.
  • The URL of the root folder on the WebDAV server.

Use the following format:

Only the https protocol is supported.

User name

The user name for the relevant server. You can also use the %_USERNAME_% variable.


The password for the relevant account.

Upload folder

The upload folder for the relevant account.

Other settings



Enable Documents

This turns on the Documents feature to securely distribute company documents.

Passphrase complexity

The required minimum complexity of passphrases for encryption keys. More secure passphrases are always allowed.

You can select the following settings:

  • 4 char password
  • 6 char password
  • 8 char password
  • 10 char password

Deny screenshots

Users can’t take screenshots that show the Sophos Secure Workspace app.