Corporate Email configuration (iOS Sophos container policy)

With the Corporate Email configuration you define user settings for your Microsoft Exchange Server. These settings are applied to the Sophos Secure Email app if it is installed in the Sophos container.



Exchange server

The Exchange server address.
Note If you use the Sophos Mobile EAS proxy, enter the URL of the EAS proxy server.


The user for this account.

If you enter the variable %_USERNAME_%, the server replaces it with the actual user name.

Email address

The email address of the account.

If you enter the variable %_EMAILADDRESS_%, the server replaces it with the actual email address.


The domain for this account.

Support contact email

The email address that will be used as the "Contact Support" email address.

Use secure text fields

The content of input fields is secured. Auto-complete and auto-correction are disabled within the Sophos Secure Email app to prevent sensitive words to be saved in the memory of the device.

Export contacts to device

Users are allowed to export the Exchange contacts with a phone number to the local device contacts, so that they can identify company contacts in incoming calls.

Sophos Secure Email keeps the information synchronized.
Note The local contact information is automatically deleted in the following situations:
  • When the Corporate Email configuration is removed from the Sophos container policy (requires a restart of the Secure Email app).
  • When the Sophos container is removed from the device.
  • When the device is unenrolled from Sophos Mobile.

Call identification

Contact information from Sophos Secure Email can be used to identify company contacts in incoming calls, without the need to export Sophos Secure Email contacts to the device contacts.

To use this, users must turn on the following device settings:

  • In the Settings app: Phone > Call Blocking & Identification > Email
  • In the Sophos Secure Email app: Settings > Contacts > Call Identification


The notification type for new email:
  • System: Notifications are managed by iOS. They don’t include details like Sender or Subject.
  • App: Notifications are managed by the Sophos Secure Email app. You can select how much detail is displayed. When the app is not running, no notifications are displayed.
  • None: No notifications are displayed.
This setting also affects event reminders:
  • System, None: Event reminders only include time information.
  • App: Event reminders include time, location and title information.

Deny copy to clipboard

Users cannot copy or cut texts from the Sophos Secure Email app.

Open attachments

Select whether attachments can be opened in all apps or only in the Sophos container apps Sophos Secure Workspace and Sophos Secure Email.

Maximum email size

Email messages that are larger than the size you select (including attachments) are not retrieved from the Exchange server.

Advanced settings

Click Advanced settings to configure settings that a future version of the Sophos Secure Email app might require.
Important Only configure these settings if instructed by the Sophos support team.