Kiosk mode configuration (Android enterprise device policy)

With the Kiosk mode configuration you define restrictions for devices to put them into a kiosk mode.



Select source

  • None: Allow all apps. The kiosk mode restrictions are applied to the device, but the user can start any app available on the device.
  • Custom, App list : Lock a single app to the screen.
  • App group: Allow multiple apps to appear on the screen.

App identifier

The app available in kiosk mode.

Depending on your selection in Select source, either specify the app by its identifier, or select it from the list of available apps.

App group

The apps available in kiosk mode.

Select one of the configured app groups.

Allow volume change

If the check box is cleared, the device’s volume buttons are disabled.

Turn off screen lock

The device screen is never locked.

Stay on while charging

The device screen stays on while the device is connected to a power supply.