Wallpaper configuration (iOS device profile)

With the Wallpaper configuration you define background images for the lock screen and/or the Home screen of iOS devices.



Apply to

Select whether the image is used for the Lock screen, for the Home Screen, or both.


Select a PNG or JPEG image with a maximum file size of 5 MB that is used for the wallpaper.

iOS crops and scales the image as required. For best results, use the following image sizes (in pixels):

  • 640 × 1136 (iPhone 5)
  • 750 × 1334 (iPhone 6/7)
  • 1242 × 2208 (iPhone 6/7 Plus)
  • 1536 × 2048 (iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air)
  • 2048 × 2732 (iPad Pro)
Note Users can change the wallpaper at any time.