Add corporate documents

Note This feature requires a license of type Mobile Advanced.

To distribute documents to devices:

  1. On the menu sidebar, under CONFIGURE, click Documents.
    The Documents page is displayed.
  2. Click Add document.
    The Edit document page is displayed.
  3. In the Category field, enter the category under which the document is displayed in the Corporate Documents storage provider on the device.
    If you leave this field blank, the file will be shown in the root folder of the Corporate Documents storage provider.
  4. Define settings for the document:
    • Select Copy to clipboard to allow users to copy the document to the clipboard.
    • Select Share document to allow users to share the document.
    • Select Use document offline to allow users to add the document to the Favorites list.

      When an unencrypted document from Corporate Documents is added to the Favorites list, the local copy is stored encrypted. When sharing the document is allowed, the file is automatically decrypted before it is forwarded to other apps. If you clear the Use document offline check box, local copies are automatically removed during the next synchronization.

  5. Click Show next to Assigned groups and select the group that should have access to the document.
  6. Add a description for the document.
  7. Click Upload a file and navigate to the document. Select it and click Open.
  8. Repeat this step for each document you want to distribute.
The document is added to the documents list. It is distributed to the users, who can view it in the Sophos Secure Workspace app.