Lock work profile

You can lock or unlock the work profile in Sophos Mobile Admin. When the work profile is locked, all work apps are unavailable and no notifications are displayed for work apps.

Note This section does not apply to devices that are enrolled with Sophos Mobile in Android enterprise device owner mode. See Android enterprise
  1. On the menu sidebar, under MANAGE, click Devices.
  2. Click the blue triangle next to the device for which you want to lock or unlock the work profile and then click Show.
  3. Click Actions > Set container access.
  4. Select the access permissions.
    • Deny: The work profile is locked. Users can no longer access apps or data within the work profile.
    • Allow: The work profile is unlocked.
    • Auto mode: The work profile is locked if the device violates a compliance rule that contains a Lock container action. This is the default behavior if you have not set an access permission.
  5. Click Yes.
The device is synchronized with the Sophos Mobile server. Once this is complete the setting is applied to the device.
Tip To lock the whole device instead of just the work profile, use Actions > Lock.
Tip Users can lock the work profile from the Quick Settings panel on their device, for example when they are on leave.