Approve work app

  1. Open managed Google Play ( and log in with your Android enterprise administrator account.
  2. Select the app you want to make available to your users.
  3. Either click Approve (for free apps) or Buy (for paid apps).
    Note Paid work apps are currently only available in the United States and in Canada.
  4. If the app requires permissions, accept these on behalf of your company.
    When your users install that app, they are not asked to grant permissions.
  5. For paid apps, enter the number of licenses and the payment method.
    Note If you receive an error when trying to buy an app, check in the Google Admin console that Google payment services are enabled for your domain or your account.
At this stage, the app is approved for your domain but users are not able to install it yet. You must complete the allocation process in Sophos Mobile. See Edit work app.
Note If an update to your work app includes additional app permissions, you must accept these before your users can install the update. In the Google Play menu, click Update to view and approve pending updates.