Configure iOS AirPlay destinations

With Sophos Mobile you can remotely trigger AirPlay mirroring between an iOS device and predefined AirPlay destinations (for example AppleTV).

Note AirPlay only works for devices within the same network.

You can define destinations for AirPlay mirroring.

  1. On the menu sidebar, under SETTINGS, click Setup and then System setup, and go to the iOS AirPlay tab.
  2. In the AirPlay destinations section, click Create AirPlay destination.
    The AirPlay destination page is displayed.
  3. Enter the device name and, optionally, the MAC address of the AirPlay destination device. If required, enter the password of the device.
  4. Click Apply.
    The device is shown under AirPlay destinations in the iOS AirPlay tab of the System setup page.
  5. Click Save.
You can trigger AirPlay mirroring between an iOS device and this destination by clicking Request AirPlay mirroring from the Actions menu on the Show device page for the relevant device.