Import devices

You can add new devices by importing a UTF-8 encoded comma-separated values (CSV) file with up to 500 devices.

Note Use a text editor for editing the CSV file. If you use Microsoft Excel, values entered may not be resolved correctly. Make sure that you save the file with extension .csv.
Note The users that are specified in your CSV file must already be available in Sophos Mobile.
Tip A sample file with the correct column names and column order is available for download from the Import devices page.

To import devices from a CSV file:

  1. On the menu sidebar, under MANAGE, click Devices.
  2. On the Devices page, click Add > Import devices.
  3. On the Import devices page, click Upload a file and then navigate to the CSV file that you have prepared.
    The entries are read in from the file and are displayed.
  4. If the data is not formatted correctly or is inconsistent, the file as a whole cannot be imported. In this case, follow the error messages that are displayed next to the relevant entries, correct the content of the CSV file accordingly and upload it again.
  5. Click Finish to create the devices.
The devices listed in the CSV file are imported and displayed on the Devices page. You can now enroll and configure the devices.