Enroll Android Things device

This section describes how to enroll an Android Things device using the device enrollment wizard.

  • You have set up a computer (known as host computer) that is connected to your local IP network and that has the Android Debug Bridge command-line tool (adb) installed. adb is part of the Android SDK Platform-Tools package. This package can either be installed as part of the Android SDK or as a standalone package. For details, see the Android developer documentation.
  • You have flashed an Android Things image file onto the device that you want to enroll.
  • You have connected the device to your local IP network through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

To enroll the Android Things device with Sophos Mobile:

  1. On the menu sidebar, under MANAGE, click Devices, and then click Add > Enrollment wizard.
  2. Use the device enrollment wizard as described in Use the device enrollment wizard to assign and enroll new devices to start the enrollment procedure. For an Android Things device, do as follows:
    1. In the Device details wizard step, in the Platform field, select Android Things.
    2. In the Enrollment wizard step, click Open the Sophos Mobile download area, and then download the APK file of latest SMC Android Client version from there.
  3. Copy the APK file to the host computer.
    Tip You can use the same APK file for all Android Things devices that you enroll.
  4. On the host computer, use the adb command-line tool to connect to the Android Things device, where <ip-address> is the IP address of the device:
    adb connect <ip-address>
    connected to <ip-address>:5555
  5. Install the Sophos Mobile Control app onto the Android Things device, using the following adb command:
    adb install <path-to-apk-file>
  6. Reboot the device, for example by using the following adb command:
    adb reboot
    Note A reboot is required to grant the required permissions to the Sophos Mobile Control app.
  7. After reboot, connect to the device again:
    adb connect <ip-address>
  8. Configure the Sophos Mobile Control app, using the adb command that is displayed in the device enrollment wizard or in the instructions email:
    adb shell am start -d "<configuration-parameters>"
    Note You might receive a system message Warning: Activity not started, its current task has been brought to the front. This can be ignored.
The Sophos Mobile Control app on the Android Things device connects to your Sophos Mobile server. After the enrollment process has completed, the device is shown with status Managed in Sophos Mobile.