Enroll Windows IoT device

This section describes how to enroll a Windows IoT device using the device enrollment wizard.

  • You have flashed Windows 10 IoT Core onto the device that you want to enroll.
  • You have connected the device to your local IP network through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

To enroll the Windows IoT device with Sophos Mobile:

  1. On the menu sidebar, under MANAGE, click Devices, and then click Add > Enrollment wizard.
  2. Use the device enrollment wizard as described in Use the device enrollment wizard to assign and enroll new devices to start the enrollment procedure. For a Windows IoT device, do as follows:
    1. In the Device details wizard step, in the Platform field, select Windows IoT.
    2. In the Enrollment wizard step, click Download provisioning package to download a .ppkg file with the provisioning package for Sophos Mobile. This link is also available from the instructions email.
  3. On a Windows computer that is connected to the same local network as the Windows IoT device, use the Windows File Explorer to connect to the device.
    In the File Explorer address bar, enter the following address, where <ip-address> is the IP address of the device:

    Enter your administrator user name and password for the device if prompted.

  4. Copy the .ppkg file that you downloaded from the enrollment wizard to the C:\Windows\Provisioning\Packages folder on the device.
    Note There must only be one .ppkg file in that folder.
  5. Reboot the device.
After reboot, the Windows IoT device executes the provisioning package and connects to your Sophos Mobile server. After the enrollment process has completed, the device is shown with status Managed in Sophos Mobile.
Important On the Show device page, don’t perform the device actions Set to "Not managed" or Delete before you have unenrolled the device. If you do so, you have to wipe the device before you can enroll it again. To wipe it, you need to re-flash a Windows 10 IoT Core image onto the device.