Define Sophos Mobile Security compliance rules

Prerequisite: You have activated a Mobile Advanced license.
You can configure compliance rules that relate to Sophos Mobile Security.
  1. Add a new compliance policy or open an existing policy for editing. For further information, see Compliance policies.
  2. Go to the Android tab.
  3. In the Max. SMSec scan interval field, you can specify the maximum scan interval for malware scans performed by the Sophos Mobile Security app.
  4. In the Denial of SMSec permissions allowed list, select whether a denial of the required permissions results in a compliance violation.
  5. In the Malware apps allowed list, select whether detected malware apps are allowed.
  6. In the Suspicious apps allowed list, select whether detected suspicious apps are allowed.
  7. In the PUAs allowed list, select whether detected PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Apps) are allowed.
  8. After you have configured all required settings, click Save.