Create task bundle

  1. On the menu sidebar, under CONFIGURE, click Task bundles and then click the platform for which you want to create a task bundle.
  2. On the Task bundles page, click Create task bundle.
    The Edit task bundle page is displayed.
  3. Enter a name and, optionally, a description for the new task bundle in the relevant fields.
    The version is automatically incremented every time you save the task bundle.
  4. Optional Select Selectable for compliance actions to transfer the task bundle onto a device when it violates a compliance rule. See Compliance policies.
    Note This option is disabled when you edit an existing task bundle and the task bundle is already used as a compliance action.
  5. Optional For iOS task bundles, select Ignore app installation failures to continue the task bundle processing even if an app installation fails.
    This option is disabled when the task bundle contains no Install app task.
  6. Click Create task.
  7. Select the task type and click Next.
    The next view depends on the task type you have selected. In each view you can specify your own meaningful task names. These task names are shown during installation on the Self Service Portal.
  8. Follow the wizard steps to add the required task and click Apply to create the task.
  9. Optional Add further tasks to the task bundle.
    Note For Android task bundles, you can’t mix Android and Android enterprise tasks. For example, you can’t install an Android device profile and an Android work app with the same task bundle.
    Tip You can change the installation order of the tasks by using the sort arrows on the right-hand side of the tasks list.
  10. After you have added all required tasks to the task bundle, click Save on the Edit task bundle page.
The task bundle is available for transfer. It is displayed on the Task bundles page.
Note When you edit an existing task bundle which is used as Initial package in the Self Service Portal settings, the enrollment task cannot be deleted. See Configure Self Service Portal settings.