Duplicate task bundles

Since creating a task bundle can be time-consuming, you can duplicate finished task bundles. This function is helpful if several extensive task bundles with similar tasks are required. Then only a few tasks need to be deleted or added.

Note You can only duplicate task bundles if they are not edited at the same time. Copies are named “Copy of” plus the name of the original. You can rename the bundles according to your requirements.
  1. On the menu sidebar, under CONFIGURE, click Task bundles and then click Android or iOS.
    The Task bundles page is displayed.
  2. Click the blue triangle next to the task bundle you want to duplicate and then click Duplicate.
The task bundle is duplicated and shown on the Task bundles page. You can now edit the duplicated task bundle as required. To edit the task bundle, click the blue triangle next to it and then click Edit.