Use the extended device filter

With the extended device filter, you can filter the device list according to your requirements. You can store filter criteria under a custom name to apply them later on.

To define a device filter:

  1. On the Devices page, click Extended filter in the header bar.
  2. Define your filter criteria.
  3. To save the filter criteria under a custom name, enter that name in Device filter and click Save.
  4. After you have selected the required criteria, click Filter to apply the filter to the device list.
When a filter is active, the filter icon in the header bar changes its color from blue to green.
Tip Remember to reset a filter when it is no longer needed. Otherwise, lists or reports may not include the results you expect.
Other device filter tasks:
  • To remove a filter from the device list, click Extended filter and then click Reset.
  • To apply a saved filter, click Saved filters and then select the required filter.
  • To delete a saved filter, click Saved filters and then click the trashcan icon next to the filter you want to delete.
  • To edit a saved filter, first apply the filter, then click Extended filter and make the required changes, then save the filter again.