Key steps for managing devices with Sophos Mobile

Sophos Mobile offers a wide range of Mobile Device Management functions depending on device types, corporate security policies and specific requirements in your company.

The key steps for managing devices with Sophos Mobile are:

  • Configure compliance policies for devices. See Compliance policies.
  • Create device groups. See Create device group.

    Device groups are used to categorize devices. We recommend that you put devices into groups. This helps you to manage them efficiently as you can carry out tasks on a group rather than on individual devices.

  • Enroll and provision devices. See Add devices and Enroll devices.

    Devices can either be enrolled and provisioned by administrators in Sophos Mobile Admin or by device users in the Self Service Portal.

  • Set up profiles and security settings for devices. See Profiles and policies.
  • Create task bundles. See Task bundles.
  • Configure the available features of the Self Service Portal. See Configure Self Service Portal.
  • Apply new or updated profiles and security settings to enrolled devices.