Manage Sophos Mobile Security

Note This feature requires a license of type Mobile Advanced.

Sophos Mobile Security is a security app for Android devices that protects devices from malicious apps and assists users in detecting app permissions that could be a security risk. Its web filtering capability allows you to filter websites by category and lets you block inappropriate content.

In Sophos Mobile Admin, you can manage the Sophos Mobile Security app on devices that are enrolled with Sophos Mobile as follows:
  • You can configure settings for the Sophos Mobile Security app remotely and centrally.
  • You can make sure that the Sophos Mobile Security app is installed and runs scans at defined intervals. You can define this as a compliance rule.
  • You can trigger scans for specific devices.
  • You can view scan results for devices.

For further information on Sophos Mobile Security, see the Sophos Mobile Security help.