Manage Apple VPP apps

With the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP), you can buy iOS apps in volume for distribution within your company.

After an order placed with Apple VPP has been completed, you can download an sToken (service token) that contains the licenses for the apps purchased.

For detailed information on how to enroll and use Apple VPP, see

For detailed information on how to assign VPP apps to users or devices, see Automatically assign VPP apps and Manually assign VPP apps.

Assigning VPP apps to users

In Sophos Mobile, you can provide the licenses included in the sToken to users by inviting them to become authorized Apple VPP users. After users have accepted their invitation, they become authorized VPP users and you can assign VPP apps to them. Users can install assigned VPP apps onto their devices using iTunes.

The process for inviting users to become authorized VPP users differs depending on whether you use internal or external user management in Sophos Mobile. The instructions in the subsequent sections cover both.

For information on internal and external user management, see the Sophos Mobile super administrator guide.

Assigning VPP apps to devices

You can also assign VPP apps to devices. You do not need to invite devices to VPP. You install an assigned VPP app on a device through Sophos Mobile.

  • When a VPP app is uninstalled from a device, Sophos Mobile revokes the VPP app assignment.
  • When a device is unenrolled from Sophos Mobile, Sophos Mobile revokes all VPP app assignments.