Create administrators

  1. On the menu sidebar, under SETTINGS, click Setup > Administrators to open the Show administrators page, and then click Create administrator.
  2. On the Edit administrator page, configure the account details for the administrator.
    • When External LDAP directory is selected as the user directory for the customer, you can click Lookup user via LDAP to select an existing LDAP account.
    • If you do not use an external user directory enter the relevant data for Login name, First name, Last name, Email address and Password.
    The password that you specify is a one-time password. When the administrator logs in for the first time they are prompted to change it.
    Note The Login name field must only contain letters (Latin alphabet), digits, spaces and characters \!._-#.
  3. In the Role list, select one of the available roles.
    The role defines the type of access rights the new administrator will have to Sophos Mobile. See User roles.
  4. Click Save to create the administrator account.
The new administrator is created and shown on the Show administrators page. Forward the user credentials (user, customer and one-time password) to the new user. The new user can log in to Sophos Mobile Admin and is prompted to change the password.