Manage DEP devices

DEP devices are managed in Sophos Mobile just as non-DEP devices are. See Manage devices.

Specifically to DEP, you can assign a DEP profile to a device. The DEP profile provides information to the Apple server when the device is activated. See Create DEP profile.

Note The DEP profile that is displayed in Sophos Mobile might be different to the profile that is actually used on the device. If you change the assignment after the device was activated, the device continues to use the previously assigned profile until it is wiped and activated again.

To change the DEP profile of a device:

  1. On the menu sidebar, under MANAGE, click Devices and then click Apple DEP.
    The Apple DEP devices page lists all devices that you have assigned to Sophos Mobile on the Apple DEP web portal.
  2. Click Synchronize with Apple DEP portal to update the DEP information.
    Note To limit the load on the Apple DEP server, the Synchronize with Apple DEP portal option is disabled after a synchronization and becomes available again after a few minutes.
  3. Select the devices to which you want to assign a different DEP profile.
  4. Click Actions and then click the required action:
    • Assign profile: Select the DEP profile that will be assigned to the devices when they are activated the next time.
    • Deassign profile: Assign no DEP profile when the devices are activated the next time.
The new profile assignment is displayed on the Apple DEP devices page. The changes are applied to the devices after they are wiped and activated again.