Note This section applies to the Dashboard page of regular administrators. For the super administrator, the Dashboard page is used to manage customers. See the Sophos Mobile super administrator guide.

The customizable Dashboard is the regular start page of Sophos Mobile and provides access to the most important information at a quick glance. It consists of several widgets providing information about:

  • Devices, all or per group
  • Compliance status by platform or for all devices
  • Managed status by platform or for all devices
  • The SSP registration status
  • The managed platform versions

There also is a special widget Add device to start the device enrollment wizard. See Use the device enrollment wizard to assign and enroll new devices.

The following options are available to customize the Dashboard:

  • To add a widget to the page, click Add widget.
  • To remove a widget from the page, click the Close button in its header.
  • To reset the page to its default layout, click Restore default layout.
  • To rearrange the widgets on the page, drag a widget header.