Zero-touch enrollment

With Android zero-touch enrollment, you can enroll corporate-owned Android devices in bulk. Zero-touch enabled devices you’ve registered for Sophos Mobile automatically enroll with your Sophos Mobile server when the users turn them on.


  • You have an account for the Google zero-touch enrollment portal. Usually, the device reseller creates the account for you when you purchase your first devices.
  • You’ve set up Android enterprise in Sophos Mobile for the Managed Google Play Account scenario. See Set up Android enterprise (Managed Google Play Account scenario).

Configuration steps

To use zero-touch enrollment, perform the following steps:
  • Turn on zero-touch enrollment in Sophos Mobile Admin and configure enrollment details. See Set up zero-touch enrollment.
  • Create a configuration for Sophos Mobile in the Google zero-touch enrollment portal. See Create zero-touch configuration.
  • Purchase zero-touch enabled Android devices from a Google-approved enterprise reseller.
  • Assign the zero-touch configuration for Sophos Mobile to the devices. See Deploy zero-touch devices.