Create enrollment texts

A Self Service Portal configuration can include a terms of use text and a post-install text that are displayed before and after the enrollment, respectively. You create these texts separate from the Self Service Portal configuration and then assign them as required.

  1. On the menu sidebar, under SETTINGS, click Setup > Self Service Portal.
  2. Click Enrollment texts and then click the type of text to enroll:
    • Terms of use: A mobile policy, disclaimer or agreement text that is displayed before the enrollment. Users must agree to the text to proceed with the enrollment.
    • Post-enrollment text: Text to be displayed after the enrollment, for example a description of post-install tasks the user must perform.
  3. On the Edit enrollment text page, enter a name for the text and the text itself.
    You may use HTML markup to format the text.
  4. Click Save.
When you configure a Self Service Portal setting, you can select one terms of use text and one post-install text for every type of enrollment.