Get started with device policies

The Policies startup wizard helps you create basic device policies for all platforms. You can enhance the policies later.


Depending on the platform, you configure device settings either by a device profile (Android, iOS) or a device policy (macOS, Windows, Windows Mobile). For simplicity, this section uses the term policy for both profiles and policies.

For the differences between profiles and policies, see Profiles and policies.

  1. On the dashboard, click Policies startup wizard in the Getting started tasks widget.
    Tip If you don’t see the widget, click Add widget > Getting started.
  2. On the Platforms page, select the device platforms for which you want to create a policy.
  3. On the Policies page, configure the following settings:
    1. Enter a name for the policy.
      For each platform, a policy with this name is created.
    2. Select the areas the policy manages.

      If you clear a check box, the corresponding wizard page is skipped. You can configure the skipped areas (and more) later.

  4. On the Passwords page, configure requirements for the device password.
  5. On the Restrictions page, configure restrictions applied to devices, like turning off the camera or other device features that could be a security risk.
    When you select Separate work and personal data on device, restrictions that prevent the sharing of corporate data with personal apps (and vice versa) are set - if supported by the device’s operating system.
  6. On the Wi-Fi page, configure the connection to your corporate Wi-Fi network.
    If your Wi-Fi network uses a different security type than WPA/WPA2 PSK, you can change that setting later.
  7. On the Email page, configure the connection to your corporate Microsoft Exchange email server.
    The placeholders %_USERNAME_% and %_EMAILADDRESS_% are replaced by the name and the email address of the user assigned to the device.
  8. Click Finish.
For each platform you’ve selected, the wizard creates a policy.

To view the policy, click Profiles, policies in the menu sidebar and then click the device platform.

To change the areas managed, click the policy’s name and then click Add configuration.