Import data to Sophos Mobile in Central

To import your data into Sophos Mobile in Central, perform these steps in Sophos Central Admin:

  1. On the menu sidebar, under My Products, click Mobile.
  2. On the menu sidebar of the Mobile view, under SETTINGS, click Setup > Import.
  3. Click Upload exchange file and then select the exchange file.
    Enter the password you set when exporting the data.
  4. Click Upload to upload the exchange file.
  5. Under Import preview, the items that will be imported are listed. Check if there are any warnings.
    Important If there are existing items with the same name as items to be imported, they will be overridden.
  6. Click Import to import the data into your Sophos Mobile in Central account.
After importing your data, you must perform a few manual tasks:
  • For apps you’ve added by uploading their app package to Sophos Mobile, you must upload the APK file (Android) or the IPA file (iOS) again.
  • Because user groups are not transferred, you must reconfigure the Self Service Portal user group setting.