Reset device password

Note This feature is not available for certain device types.

You can remotely reset your device password in the Self Service Portal.

  1. In the Self Service Portal, click My devices and then click the relevant device.
  2. Click Actions and then click Reset password.
  3. Confirm any information messages or follow the instructions that are displayed.

For Android and Windows Mobile, the device is locked with the one-time password displayed in the Self Service Portal. After you’ve unlocked the device, you must create a new password.

For iOS, the password is removed and the device is unlocked.

  • For Android devices where Sophos Mobile only manages a work profile, the Reset password action resets the work profile’s password.
  • For Android enterprise devices with Android 8.x or later, you must turn on the password reset feature in the Sophos Mobile Control app before you can reset the password in the Self Service Portal.