Sophos Chrome Security

Sophos Chrome Security is a security extension for Chrome devices.

Restriction This feature isn’t available with the Mobile Standard license.

When you enroll Sophos Chrome Security with Sophos Mobile, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Find the device.
  • Send a message to the device.
  • Configure websites that users are allowed to access.

Enrollment options:

  • Manual enrollment:

    You can enroll a Chrome device with Sophos Mobile using the Add device wizard or the Self Service Portal. The user must install Sophos Chrome Security on their device and enter an enrollment token.

  • Auto-enrollment:

    If you have a G Suite account, you can configure the Sophos Chrome Security extension to automatically enroll with Sophos Mobile when a G Suite user signs in to a Chrome device.

Note The user’s email address you configure in Sophos Mobile doesn’t need to match the account name a user uses to sign in to Chrome. To get that account name, check the system_user_account device property on the Show device page.