Set up QR code enrollment

You must configure the settings that are required to create the QR code and to enroll the device.


You’ve created a task bundle for QR code enrollment. The task bundle must have an Assign policy task for an Android Enterprise device policy and must not have an Enroll task.

To set up QR code enrollment:

  1. On the menu sidebar, under SETTINGS, select Setup > Android setup, and then select the QR code enrollment tab.
  2. Select Configure Android Enterprise QR code enrollment.
  3. Under Configure QR code, configure the settings for the device setup:
    • Enable system apps: On Android Enterprise fully managed devices, system apps with a launcher icon are disabled by default. Select this setting to keep all system apps enabled.
    • Language: The language of the Android user interface.
    • Wi-Fi settings: Select the security type of the Wi-Fi connection or select Don’t configure Wi-Fi to configure no network in the QR code. In this case, users must manually connect to a Wi-Fi network when they set up the device.
    • Wi-Fi SSID: The ID of the Wi-Fi network.
    • SSID is hidden: Select this if the Wi-Fi network is hidden.
    • Wi-Fi password: The password for the Wi-Fi network.

    Devices will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network if it’s available.

  4. Under Configure enrollment, configure how Sophos Mobile manages the device:
    • Task bundle: The task bundle transferred to the device.
    • Device group: The device group devices are assigned to.

The QR code is displayed on the QR code enrollment tab. You can print it out to use it without access to Sophos Mobile Admin.

  • You can enroll all devices with the same QR code.
  • You can revoke the QR code to prevent future enrollments. The code is also revoked when you create a new one.