Work browser (iOS Sophos container policy)

With the Work browser configuration you manage the Work browser feature of Sophos Secure Workspace.

The work browser allows you to securely access corporate intranet pages and other allowed pages. You can define domains and bookmarks within a domain.

Every bookmarks belongs to a certain domain. When you add a bookmark, the domain entry is created automatically if it does not exist.

Domain settings




The domain that you want to allow.

Allow copy/paste

Users can copy and paste text from the work browser to other apps.

Allow open with

Users can open downloaded files in other apps.

If you turn this setting off, users can still download files that Sophos Secure Workspace can open.

The work browser stores downloaded files in Secure Storage. The Allow open with setting takes precedence over the Secure Storage settings in a Work documents configuration.

Allow save password

Users can save their passwords in the work browser.

Bookmark settings




The name for the bookmark.


The web address for the bookmark.