Exchange account configuration (Android Enterprise device policy)

With the Exchange account configuration you add an Exchange account to Gmail.

Warning A managed configuration of the Gmail app conflicts with the Exchange account configuration, so it’s not available in Sophos Mobile 9.6 and later. If you’re using a managed configuration from an earlier version, Gmail will ignore the Exchange account configuration. This happens even if the managed configuration is blank.



Account name

The account name.

Exchange server

The Exchange server address.

If you use the Sophos Mobile EAS proxy, enter the URL of the EAS proxy server.


The username for this account.


  • johndoe
  • domain\johndoe

Email address

The email address of the account.

If you enter the variable %_EMAILADDRESS_%, the server replaces it with the actual email address.


A sender name for this account.

If you enter the variable %_EMAILADDRESS_%, the server replaces it with the actual email address.

Default email signature

The default email signature.


The type of authentication that Gmail uses when connecting to Exchange.
  • Modern authentication: Use modern authentication (OAuth 2.0).
  • Basic authentication: Use basic authentication (username and password).
  • Basic and modern authentication: Use modern or basic authentication, depending on which Exchange supports.

Synchronization period

The time period used for synchronizing emails.

Only the emails from within the specified period are synchronized to the inbox on the managed device.


The connection to the Exchange server is secured by SSL or TLS (depending on what the server supports).

We recommend that you select this check box.

Allow all certificates

Allow all certificates in transfer processes from the email server.

Client certificate

The client certificate for the connection to the Exchange server.

Allow unmanaged accounts

Allow users to add or remove any Exchange account, except the account specified in this configuration.

If you turn this setting on, you can’t prevent data sharing between other apps and Exchange accounts added by users.